Frequently Asked Questions

Are you mobile ready?

Yes, is on a responsive, mobile ready platform that is accessible from anywhere at any time from any device you use.

Is there a cost to use your site?

You can visit and browse for free. Registration is free and it allows you to download the current ONRV Travel Guide e-book edition plus rate and review any business. Registration also allows you to purchase directory advertising. It also allows you to share your photos. See "Register" at the top right of the Home Page.

How do I post an article?

Go to "Contact Us" page and click on ARTICLE in the first sentence. Please include your name and phone number and be sure to attach your article to the email. We'll review it and on approval, notify you and publish it.

How do I post a photo?

You must be logged in to access this feature. Go to "Photo Gallery", click on the "Submit Your Photos" button, fill out the page and hit submit. We'll review it and on approval notify you and publish it.

Can I contact an advertiser directly from your site?

Yes, hit the "Contact" button on their page. This enables you to send them an email with your inquiry. They can reply to your email and/or call you if you provided a telephone number.

How do I contact ONRV?

Fill out the contact form or call us and we'll respond promptly. See "Contact Us" page.

How do I find where they are physically located?

Most provide their physical address and you can locate them with the interactive map provided on their page. Some choose to not provide their physical address and may provide a city, state, or country only. You could contact them on their page by clicking on the "Contact" button and filling it out or call them by phone.

How do I link to

At the bottom of the Home Page is "Links". Click on that page then scroll down to "Link to ONRV" and click on it. From there you can copy and paste our logo and code for your site link to ours. As a visitor and user you can also "Favorite" or "Bookmark" us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards... Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-Checks.

How long does my page last or ad run?

All business pages run for one year. You can also view the expiration date any time in your account page when logging in.

Do you have display ads available on your site?

Yes, on most every page throughout the site.

How can I feature my business on your Home Page?

You can be a featured business on the Home Page by purchasing a "Premium Listing Page" or Home Page display ad. See "Advertise".

What is your privacy policy?

See Privacy Policy for details.

Can I be anonymous when commenting?

No. When registering you must provide a verifiable first name, last name and email address. We may email you and/or call to further verify your identity.

I don't want my name, email address or phone number to appear, but I do want people to be able to contact me. What should I do?

As an advertiser, to hide all of your information when creating a listing, just do the following: Answer "NO" to the question "Include Profile with Listing". Also, do not enter your street address or phone number on the listing. This will keep all of your personal information private. Someone interested in your listing will be able to contact your visa anonymous email using the "Contact" button on their listing page. The email address your enter for a listing is NOT shown on the site. It is used by the site to route anonymous contact requests to your email without making your email address visible to others.

As an advertiser, if all my information is private, how can a prospective buyer contact me?

When your listing page appears, instead of showing your contact information this is what it shows... "This seller has chosen to remain private. You may contact this seller via anonymous email by clicking here." Then the prospective buyer completes the on-line form and the system sends you an email without revealing your information to the prospective buyer.